Valve teases its virtual reality headset, the Valve Index – Rock Paper Shotgun

A website has appeared for the Valve Index, a new virtual reality headset from (obviously) Valve. This is where Im supposed to tell you more about it, but alas, I cannot, because the webpage simply reads Upgrade your experience. May 2019. What will happen whe… [+1160 ZxN4iJ8Rhdc]

‘We’re in the Last Hour’: Democracy Itself Is on Trial in Brexit, Britons Say – The New York Times

It was barely seven summers ago that Britain presented itself to the world as a confident, outward-looking, post-imperial country. The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics featuring a flock of sheep, a snippet of the Sex Pistols music and a skit about a skyd… [+1497 5wrF4yN5CLM]

Former Democratic Sen. David Boren accused of sexually assaulting male student – Washington Examiner

F ormer Democratic Sen. David Boren, D-Okla., is accused of sexually assaulting a male student from the University of Oklahoma while Boren was the university’s president. Boren, 77, who served as Oklahoma governor and U.S. senator prior to becoming the presid… [+1764 PrZMz3N_qNA]